What can I say about Anna that hasn’t been said? I went to her yesterday for a Brazilian Blowout (which I absolutely love), but I also got my hair cut and it was the BEST cut I have ever had in my entire life. This girl knows her stuff and really took her time making it right. I honestly have never had my hair look this good before. I’m always nervous about new hair stylists but she made me feel instantly comfortable – playing great music, talking about really interesting variety of things. I’ve never laughed that much during a hair appointment ever!

John Franklin, Manager

Anna is wonderful at both cutting and coloring hair. She knows EVERYTHING about hair. The girl has studied the subject far more than most hairstylists, and you can tell by the innumerable certificates on her wall, not to mention the fact that you will leave her salon with the best haircut and color that you’ve ever had. I have had a series of awful cuts recently and she was able to not only fix my hair but also color and cut it the exact way that I wanted without me even really describing what I wanted very articulately. She also happens to be a really nice and interesting girl, too. :) Bottom line: Go to Anna!

Marta Healy , Consultant

Anna gave me the gift of good hair. My hair was frizzy and damaged and looks amazing now. It’s never felt softer and been straighter after the Brazilian Blowout treatment. The special machine kept all the chemicals away, and I didn’t experience any fumes or tearing eyes I read about. It’s also one of the best cuts I’ve gotten. I’m enjoying all the compliments on my new look. I’ve had some bad experience with colorists in the past but feel totally confident with her expertise for my next touch up. All in all, Anna is extremely knowledgeable and knows what she is doing. She’s also very entertaining. I highly recommend!!!

Laura Stegner, Designer